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Capital Markets & Startup Markets Funding Update

Unless you have been living on the moon for the last 10-12 months you already know that the private equity, venture capital, and early-stage investing ecosystems are in a steep tail spin.  Dr. Ron Weissman will take us through the state-of-the-state with insights into how we got here and what it will take to get us out.


Ronald Weissman, PhD, is Chairman of the Angel Capital Association, North America’s principal organization for professional angel investors.  He is also Chair of the ACA’s education committee and is the author of the ACA’s official courses on Early-Stage Boards of Directors and of Managing and Mitigating Angel Investor Risks.  He has been an active member for the past sixteen years.  He invests in AI, analytics, business software and health IT systems.  He spent seventeen years as a partner at Apax Partners, a global VC/PE firm where he focused on technology investing and cross border investing across Apax’s investment teams in the US, Europe, the UK and Israel.  Ron is also Chair of the Software Interest Group at the Band of Angels, Silicon Valley’s oldest angel group.

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